Professional Recommendation to Write Good SEO Friendly Product Description

How To Write a Good SEO Product Description

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process by which you attain traffic to your designated place. How it works is by ranking your desired item to be on top of the search results.

When you are trying to sell a product, you will need a good SEO friendly product description to get traction to your website.

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What is a SEO friendly product description and how will it help? 

SEO friendly descriptions are written in such a way that impacts the user experience while they are exploring the product and the details of it. Even if a customer doesn’t purchase the product or service, it will still have an impact on your website for that the user has viewed your page and read through the description. 

It helps raise your brand awareness and brand perception. Other than that, it breaks the searching algorithm and automatically ranks your website on the top!

According to, around 53% of the people who purchased from online were millennials. This proves how crucial SEO product description could be.

What points to write in SEO content?

  • Use persuasive wordings in your description as it gathers the attention of the customer. By persuasive, you can use words like announcing, now, easy, magic, elegant, etc. Most importantly, be very specific to the benefits of the product.

When reading these words, the customer subconsciously gets convinced or interested to buy the product. When a customer is already going through that feeling of interest, there is a high chance of that customer to purchase.

Words have the ability to change one’s mind if it is convincing enough.

  • Using Anecdotes in description.

An anecdote is a short story which generally gives an idea of a certain situation or thing by telling a story about it. Using anecdotes or storytelling can be a very effective way to sell. 

When we are telling a story about the product, we are promoting the customer to visualize the use and benefits of it. We must remember that customers are usually bored, sitting in front of their screen, without feeling the tangible product that we sell. 

That is why storytelling helps engage them to purchase the product.

  • Using keywords.

Research keywords that are trending about the product that you are selling and use them in your description. 

For researching keywords you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or any other free keyword researcher available on the internet. 

How to write a good SEO product descriptions?

  • Short product description length.

The bare minimum is 300 words which most of the sellers out there fail to meet. They don’t even come close to this much. That is why their products are not SEO friendly and don’t rank usually. 

According to google, each description should be around 300 words per page to match the algorithm. But do not forget the fact that you are writing for your customers and not google!

  • Talk about the benefits of the product’s features.

In order to get a customer hooked into buying your product, you must write in such a way to help them visualize the benefits they’ll get. 

To do this, you can add sensory details of the product’s usage, state the problem people face and explain how the product solves the problem or what makes this product more useful than any other product’s out there.

  • Use the minimum resolution for pictures.

Imagine, a potential customer came to your website or portfolio to buy a product but your image is not loading. 

Do you think they will hit the purchase button? 


Because, your images are taking too long to load making them lose interest in it. That is the reason why most of the sellers lose their potential customers.

They think that using the highest quality images will convert sales but they forget the fact that the longer it takes for the image to load, the less chances are for it to be sold.

  • Use bullet points.

Would you be reading extremely long paragraphs full of descriptions of a product which is not even that useful? 

Even if you do, at some point you will lose the interest of buying it.

It is very important to use short-short paragraphs with bullet points.

This makes the audience much more interested in buying the product as short paragraphs contain the basic information they need to know. 

What to remember while writing the descriptions?

  • Talk about the user experience more.

Remember to talk about how the users will feel using the product. 


When the customer is able to visualize the use of the product, it will automatically make them want to buy that product.Describe the practical situations and how the product will help them. 

  • Write smartphone friendly ECommerce product descriptions.

Don’t forget that most people nowadays are using their smartphones to do online shopping. So if you write a product description that is also persuasively effective on mobile screens too.

This should be done in order to attain the maximum amount of conversions from your website by prioritizing all sorts of users. Also remember that smartphones are vertically oriented so design your description in accordance to that. 

Search Engine optimization helps in connecting your website or product’s landing page with the potential customers. This is done when customers search the basic keywords on Google, Bing; social media applications like Instagram or Facebook. 

When you use the right keywords for a product, the algorithm picks up the keywords and ranks your product at the top of search results. This helps to higher the chance of a potential customer visiting and buying from your store.

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