How To Use Right Photography Props Constructively

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Not using photography props for your product shooting is the reason why your photos are not juicy and are probably boring. Even if you are using a solid background,  improper props are one of the main reasons why they are technically useless. 

You really need to have a background and object with a solid but smooth color. Now if you don’t have a home studio or any space with the required background then you can just use cheap microfiber backdrops with nice looking photography props.

Get to know about photography props

These are background elements that compliment the structure and ambiance of a product’s photo to polish up. Props details up the ambiance of a photo which further helps in the promotional shoot as they make it more natural.

professional laptop shoot using photography props

Tips to master product photography using props.

  • The usage of props doesn’t come naturally to everyone. From choosing the right prop to the after shoot process that includes editing, everything takes a lot of practice.
  • For example, you are doing a photoshoot of a certain coffee brand. In that case, you can use actual coffee beans as props by placing the coffee jar on a table with a solid dark background and dropping some coffee beans from the top. But we are not there yet, use some green leaves in the background or a few vibrant coloured coffee mugs that have some sort of quotations on them.
  • Or, you can do a top down shot by laying coffee beans on the table and laying the coffee jar flat on those coffee beans. Then place the leaves at any corner of the frame popping out a little. Lastly, place a cup full of freshly made coffee from the same brand that you are shooting for and you will be ready to go for the shot. 
  • Never jump into a photoshoot without planning. The worst thing you can do as an expert photographer or any level of photographer is photo shooting without any proper direction. You don’t have to be an artist to do this but you want to make a simple sketch of how you want the outcome of the photo to be and write on the sketches about what props to put where.  By doing this, not only are you establishing your photography knowledge in front of your clients but also heading towards a successful product photoshoot.
  • Last but not the least, it doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer or an expert, always carry some of your own photography props that can mostly go with any sort of product such as fake plants, plastic cubes of smooth colors, backdrops with textures, wooden blocks with smooth textured tops, etc.

How do photography props affect images of the product

The more props you use, the more natural and useful the product looks in the photograph.

According to Quora, it is found that almost 90-93% of consumers buy a certain product only if they find the picture of it attractive.

This is one of the reasons why you simply scroll and ignore a certain promotional photo that has no usage of props and just the product only.

How the size of props varies

Depending on the size of the product, there are both large and small sized photography props that will compliment the product well. 

If you are doing a photoshoot of a water bottle, you need props that are half the size of the water bottle or smaller. Your audience is more likely to get confused about which one is the actual product that is being promoted. 

When it comes to movies, anything that the actor or actress carries or holds is props. These types of props are known as hand props.

And the furniture, outfits, or the whole set that the actors are working on are the set props.

 size and combination  of props

If you are shooting clothing line products, you would need a model for the different tryouts. But, will the shooting be worth it if you don’t use the pro[per set of props?  Backdrops are not recommended in this case as this is gonna make the product look very boring and gloomy. Instead, outdoor spots with interesting backgrounds would do the job much better. For example, using sports cars or modified bikes as props for this type of photoshoot is really a big move as it instantly gathers attention. 

Choosing props wisely

Choosing props wisely

Choosing the wrong props is a big loss as the attention span on the photo is divided more and more. If you can’t choose the right props then just use solid backdrops.

 Whenever you’re choosing props, make sure they are taking 1/3rd of the entire photo and not more or less than that. This is done to ensure the product is still having the attraction that it needs.

Make sure your props are complimenting the product in a very natural way and not in a forceful way. The best way to ensure this is by using soft coloured or lively props like decoration blocks and leaves. 

If you don’t have props with the best complimenting color then try editing the color gradient of the photo after shooting to adjust the lighting as it puts a lot of effect on the overall photo ambiance.

best complimenting color and lighting

End Note

There are many other ways of improving your photos by bringing in variations of props. If you are a beginner, you’re bound to make mistakes and learn to form them. But if you follow the above mentioned tips while shooting, your work efficiency will improve drastically. 

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