Image Masking Service

Leave Image Masking to The Experts

Do you want to get rid of the time-eating process of image masking? We strive to bring every pixel of your photo to its best state.


Top-Notch Photo Masking Service


Photo/image masking services are required to change the background of specific photographs, which is not achievable with only the Photoshop tool. Photo/image masking is done for photographs with flying hair, transparent objects like glass, and blurring edges with very thin sections. We offer high-quality image masking services at Jack Creative Studio.

For over 15 years, our team of well-trained photo editors and graphic designers has been delivering image masking services to clients. So, without worrying more, simply outsource your photographs to us and wait for the results.

Make Your Pictures Lively as Real


Before you publish a photo to advertise your product, image masking from experienced editors is a must-have service. It’s critical to go through a careful background edit on your product shot to give it a lively and professional look, where even the most difficult section of the object can be placed in a different background.

No matter how detailed editing you need, our edit specialists will do it precisely and with a photo masking method, they will isolate the object from the background.


Our Image Masking Service Includes


Images that have crystal clear edges are easy objects for background changing. However, when the boundaries of the model’s hair, jacket fur, or pet wool become blurry or indistinct, the conventional clipping path service will fail miserably. Image masking service is a good fit for such edges.

We handle your photos with care and ensure that the end result is outstanding. 

Here’s a rundown of what our service entails:

  • Photoshop Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Professional hair Masking
  • Erase specific edges
  • Huge Production Capacity

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We’ve done thousands of projects throughout our whole journey. Having 15+ years of experience we ensure you get the best sales-driven images.

You will love to outsource our service

Different sorts of photos are required by various firms in order to show clients and enhance sales. We’ve amassed a plethora of experience in a variety of sectors, allowing us to meet your demands. Outsourced  services
are ideal if you are ..

A busy professional photographer needs to edit a bunch of photos and get ready for further shoots.

An Ecommerce Retailer has a lot of other things to do except for Image editing for advertising.

Client deadlines are tight, and there are a lot of additional tasks to juggle for a freelancer or agency.

Upload Your Files To Our WeTransfer Service


We have found we can transfer the best platform to share large files around the world. So, this is what we use to receive and send you the pictures.


Your Questions Our Answers


We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. We have high-level expertise, complete dedication, and a family-like team of specialists. Furthermore, we consistently follow through on our promises and work to make things easier for our consumers. Here are some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions and responses.

The technique of isolating subjects in a photograph without losing a single pixel. For appropriate editing, subjects with complicated edges must go through an image masking service.

There are different masking options in Photoshop. Masking is not a basic level of editing, so you need to develop masking skills first, and then you can expect a smooth outcome.

“Masking” refers to “the practice of using a mask to protect a specific area of an image.” Masking in editing allows you to simultaneously alter aspects of two or more images in one image.

Image masking is another method of image background removal where you can remove or change objects separately.

Removing the background and making it extremely flawless.

It all depends on how much work your photos will require. Approximately, it takes 20 to 90 minutes.

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