How to Be a Good Wedding Photographer – Follow Professional Guide

How to Become a Good Wedding Photographer

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Photography is one of the most interesting and passion-filled sectors for the younger generations. In this era of photography trends, everyone wants to be a successful photographer. Clicking a picture seems so sophisticated and delightful. It also seems like an easy task to do. The main obstacles are shown when you think about starting your career with a camera. Wedding photography has a high potential for future growth in the photography industry. This is why many young people are showing interest in wedding events. 

However, becoming a good wedding photographer requires a lot more than just doing events and workshops. Let’s see how you can be a good wedding photographer. 

Assist a Professional Wedding Photographer

"The Woman is Assisting a Professional Wedding Photographer"

One of the best ways to start your career as a wedding photographer is to start by assisting a professional photographer. You can gain actual event experience by assisting someone already established. You can quickly learn new things, get to know how big photographers get to manage their events, how they work, and also see all the possibilities of photography as a career. 

Assisting someone doesn’t require any personal gear, gadgets, or any amount of investment. Instead, you can earn money and experience the whole process simultaneously.

To start, contact some professional photographers. You can send them a well-written email and wait for someone to respond. 

Be Prepared With the Photography Equipment

"Weeding Photography Equipment"

Your preparation matters. Wedding photography is a very competitive and challenging profession that you have to nail at any cost. Yes, you have to be prepared with all the equipment you may need, get used to all of them, and also practice a lot with different types of lighting, styles, locations, modifiers, and all. You must understand how to make your objects obey your commands in order to shoot in any situation and achieve excellent results.

Be A Friend of Your Equipment

"newbie photographer is becoming familiar to photography equipment"

As a photographer, your best companion is your equipment. Like all photographers, you will start by reading the manuals, but building a connection with the camera, lens, and custom settings is crucial. The more you get to know the equipment, the more you will be able to click intensely. 

All the cameras nowadays have a menu bar where you will find all the options. Get yourself introduced to the entire menu, know the functions, make a shortcut of your most-used options, and get used to your camera settings. 

Learn all you can about your camera. You should know precisely how much of an outcome you can expect from the camera and how to communicate with this device, just like you know your mobile phone after years of use. Your camera has to be an inseparable part of yours. 

Finally, the custom setting. Since there are numerous variations in lighting, make sure your camera starts to understand what you want and how you want. Your involvement with the custom setting option will eventually ensure the best use of natural light. 

Practice A Lot and Do Some Purposeful Practice Shoots

"A photographer is practicing his shots"

A purposeful test shot means some pre-planned photo shoots that are not an actual event. Instead, you plan some photography shots to start, practice, and improve your quality. You can also do some real wedding shoots with a minimum remuneration.  

Master All Lighting Situations To Be a Good Wedding Photographer

"girl is standing in front of sunlight coming from the window"

It is pretty natural that a photoshoot dependent on natural light will not be perfect when you are just starting with no experience in this field. Whatever the lighting conditions are, master shooting in all states. Photography mostly depends on the lighting and how you manage to cope with any light, whether natural or artificial. It’s better if you start shooting from every angle and also in low light. Once you learn to capture natural and low-light pictures professionally, there may be nothing that can create obstacles in your wedding photography journey. 

Get Introduced To Your Location

"A bride is standing with a bouquet in her hand on the top of a hill"

Location matters a lot. Remember, a good wedding photographer makes the best use of their location. You should at least visit the area before shooting and make a plan about how you are going to capture pictures in which places. 

Talk To The Bride and Groom

Weddings are such an event in our lives for which almost every person has a dream photography idea. All the bride and groom have dreams about their wedding program and have some ideas about how they want to be captured on that day. For client satisfaction, you have to be focused on your clients’ requirements. 

Arrange a small meeting with your clients before the actual program and know about all of their requirements. They know what they want their day to be

A lovely and lively photoshoot can instantly boost your confidence and take you one step ahead on this journey. When taking pictures, remember their words and make sure you completely fulfil their expectations. You can also put in some extra effort and ideas with theirs that can add a different essence to the shoot.

Concentrate On Storytelling

"Groom kissing on bride's forehead"

You must be familiar with creative storytelling. Photographers can also demonstrate their storytelling abilities through their creativity and aesthetics. You can tell the story of your lovely couple, and you can also show the audience how the event was from start to finish. The photographer gets a sweet, lively, and emotional story in a wedding photograph that includes the bride, groom, their families, and friends. Every client loves it when their wedding picture albums show how emotional and involved their own people were in their great day. Collect elements and get to know the characters to connect with the viewers. 

Getting That Spectacular Wedding Photo

"A stunning wedding photo of a couple"

One image will hang on the bride and groom’s wall, the shot of the day. The most precious photo of two people.

Being their photographer, you have to be engaged and be focused on capturing a great shot. You have to nail that picture with expertise.

You need to pay attention to natural light and note where the sun will be when the wedding photographs are taken. Make sure you don’t miss the best chance of finding the right setting for that spectacular shot. Also, know the camera and lighting positions very well to make yourself ready to take the picture instantly and get the best output from your effort. 

Give some posing ideas to the bride and groom, but do your best to capture them as a natural moment. 

Never Pass Up A chance

"Bride is riding on groom's back"

Always be ready to capture photos. At a wedding event, you will see a lot of mind-blowing and natural movement and interaction between the bride and groom, their family, and friends. Don’t miss a chance to capture moments. Be attentive. Whenever a scene happens, click it. Everything is captured: happiness, love, emotion, vulnerability, sadness, interaction, and also food. 

Don’t Make It Like a Fashion Photo, It’s A Family Event

"Wedding Event Family Photo"

You can capture great pictures of a wedding event and still not make it up the mark just because you were not attentive enough to capture the family moments. In a wedding photo, each and every family member, even the friends, is important. So, don’t only focus on the couple but capture moments of their family members and family interactions, and include pictures of all engaging moments in your album.

Edit Photos And Send Them To Your Clients

Editing has a significant impact on images. Even great captures can look average if the editing is not up to the mark. So, edit your photos using the best software and use expert hands. 

You can get assistance from professional photo editors for a better and more satisfying outcome. And finally, send the photos to your clients using a good platform.

Bring Continuous Improvement To Your Career

"Bride's flower bouquet"

Photography is not a limited sector where you can only reach a goal and then stop and enjoy. The area of improvement is enormous. The longer you make the journey, the more you will acquire. To become a successful wedding photographer, you should keep in mind that there’s nothing you can achieve overnight, and there’s no end point to your improvement. Every day, you spend time with your camera, attempting to learn something new, becoming more comfortable with your equipment, expressing your passion for your profession, and, most importantly, implementing new ideas and creativity.

Learning, gathering knowledge from high-level professionals, and attending workshops as much as possible are your steps towards professional improvement. Always be focused on continuous improvement. 


Wedding photography may be a successful and satisfying job, but it requires much more than just a good camera, equipment, and hard work. For those photographers of you who have been working hard to expand and enrich your wedding photography career, we hope that this blog post clears up all your answers about how to become a good wedding photographer and provides you with a general understanding of how smoothly you can work in this highly competitive sector. 


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