The Importance of Product Photography in Ecommerce and Some Pro Tips to Boost Sales

How Can Ecommerce Product Photography Boost Your Sales?

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If there were no ecommerce product photography, selling on an e-commerce site would be the most challenging task. Building a successful business requires high-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. But have you considered one of the major contributors? Product photography, to be precise.

It may seem that your business will primarily depend on the product quality and service you provide, but in reality, it is much more different. Your customer has to come to you first and buy the products and services you offer. However, this is the first step of a business and the most challenging part. Attracting customers is not an easy task, and in this field, the most crucial factor is the professional-looking images or photographs you are sharing. Genuine, high-quality, and realistic images can grab a massive number of customers. People remember nearly 80% of what they see rather than what they read.

So, here’s how important product photography is, and also, we are giving some pro tips to boost sales with product photos. 

A Basic Idea of Product Photography

Product photography is capturing product photos to represent what a product looks like in real life. This is the process of photographing a product to show it off to potential customers. Nowadays, people are highly dependent on online shopping. Sellers are doing business online, and buyers are also purchasing goods here. So, in this case, product photography serves a dual purpose for both of them. As customers can’t see the actual product or touch them online, sellers include several pictures with every product description. 

Importance of Ecommerce Product Photography

A buyer needs to ultimately depend on the product photos whenever they need to buy something from an e-commerce site. As the market is competitive, the audience will get various choices. Now, on which thing will they decide from which shop they should make a purchase? Yes, the decision mainly depends on picture quality and how reliably the products are shown. So it goes without saying that product photography is one of the most crucial parts of eCommerce. Let us know why-

Seventy-eight percent of online shoppers want photos to help them visualize what they’re looking at.

As photos are a great way to visualize things and help people understand what they are reading, a huge percentage of online buyers want high-quality images that will help them visualize what they will get. So, companies need to understand that photos are an integral part of the customer experience. 

A high-quality image creates a positive initial impression of your brand.

Consumers want to see photos when shopping online because they want to know what the product looks like and how it will fit into their lives. Almost every customer will look for a high-quality photo that shows the entire image and even the minor details of the product. Being an eCommerce seller, providing high-quality images with the proper name and description creates a positive first impression of your brand among the customers.

Product images add SEO potential to your brand

Having a lot of photographs on your e-commerce site opens up more search engine optimization possibilities. By including keywords, utilizing file names, and alt text on your photos, it’s expected that your brand will generate a lot more traffic than ever before. 

To help your site’s SEO, you should have pictures from every angle and a combination of full photographs and close-ups of the details with your product information. Also, include detailed information about the photos in the metadata.

Photographs can create an excellent brand identity.

High-quality product photos, providing detailed pictures and also including 360-degree images not just satisfy the customers’ eyes but also create an excellent brand identity for your eCommerce shop. Photographs can show a company’s culture, values, and personality. Even for an eCommerce shop, a high-quality picture shows that the seller takes their customers seriously and is concerned about satisfying their needs. Good product photos can make a company seem more human, approachable, and trustworthy.

Using a more extensive product image improves sales by 9.46 percent on category pages.

Bigger product images are more palpable to the customers. When the main picture is more prominent, the viewers can easily see all the details of a product. They can easily zoom in. A bigger image clearly shows all the specific areas of the product., the second-largest eCommerce retailer in the Czech Republic, has noticed a 9.46% increase in sales on larger product photo pages. At the same time, most online shoppers said larger images are even more crucial than product descriptions or other details. 

Tips to make your product images SEO-friendly

Images contribute a lot to generating interest for your website. Customers generally search for the product name, and search engines show the best results that at first maintain all the criteria. So, here are some pointers on how to make your product images SEO-friendly and attract a larger audience:

Picture Name

Give your picture file a name. When we upload a picture, the titles are like image01.jpg, but Google can not understand these types of characters, and neither can the customers. So, give a name to the images. Try to show exactly what visuals you are presenting with these photographs with the names. Also, make sure your file names aren’t overly lengthy or stuffed with keywords, as this might slow down your search engine rankings.

Alternative Texts

As we mentioned previously, Google can not read the images, so it depends on the names and alternative texts put with each image. After that, concentrate on alternative texts. These texts describe photos so that Google and other search engines can comprehend them. Make sure that your texts achieve their intended purpose.

Image Size

Minimalism and simplicity are the keys. It’s better to keep your file size small. Big files take a long time to load, and here comes a great fear that the customers may convert to other pages. For this reason, most e-commerce sites and shops require JPEG images. JPEG images are of high quality and, at the same time, smaller in size, which lowers loading time. 

Pro Tips To Boost Sales in eCommerce Through Product Photography

Add Pictures From Every Angle

As we know, pictures are a crucial part of marketing and advertising. Adding pictures of every angle of your product is essential for eCommerce stores. With one or two feature images, it’s almost impossible to show all the product’s specific details. So the eCommerce sellers should upload several photos with close-up shots and pictures that help visualize the entire product, just like a real one. It allows customers to make a better decision about what they are buying. 

Invest in a High-Quality Photography Service

Make sure you are providing all high-quality images. High-quality images with great visuals help boost sales on e-commerce sites. The customers rely on the sellers who provide the best pictures of their product so that the quality is easily understandable and all the details can be clearly seen. So, there are no alternatives to high-quality photographs for boosting sales in eCommerce shops. 

So, hire professionals who provide quality images with the minimum loading time. Ensure that the photos are devoid of blur, noise, and pixelation. If you believe that hiring a professional photographer is too costly, it can be a great professional mistake. This initiative can save you money in the long run.

A series of photos that are always the same

Consistency can help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, attempting to create some signature items in your brand for eCommerce business owners is always preferable. 

We suggest you create and maintain a consistent set of images for every product. Every product should be photographed in the same style and under the same circumstances. When all of your product photographs are identical, a consumer can quickly identify your brand and find what they’re searching for.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Creatively present your brand. Google loves it when content can be identified as having a unique quality. So, in this aspect, think about innovation, research your competitors, and find out brand uniqueness you will present with the product images. So, start ranking earlier by creating your unique identity and easily separating from others. 


Product photography is essential for e-commerce businesses. It helps customers get a feel for the product, and it can be key in boosting sales. One of the finest business decisions you can make is to invest in product photography for your eCommerce store. Your conversion rate will improve, but you’ll also be able to boost your marketing efforts by using high-quality customized photos.

This article discusses the importance of product photography in ecommerce and some pro tips to boost sales. Hopefully, this information will help your business succeed online. 

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