Top Factors to Consider Before Choose Photo Editing Company

How To Choose The Best Photo Editing Company

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What is a great photo without retouching or editing? The answer is none. You simply cannot achieve an outstanding photo without the proper post editing or editing.

It is estimated that edited photos convert 20% more than normal photos. This is because of the simpler background that helps the audience focus on the subject of the photo. 

photo editing on a laptop

Why are photo editing companies important?

When you are selling on the internet, you will need a lot of photos for promotion which will take a lot of time for you to edit them. This is the reason you will need the requirement of an eCommerce photo editing company or an editor to refurbish and smoothen your photos for selling.

What these editing companies do is they take in mass images of all sorts of photos that you have and remove their backgrounds. This is the reason why you will find products with nothing but white backgrounds.

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Where to find editors or editing companies?, Upwork or are some of the best freelancing websites you can find online if you are looking for a freelance editor. 

Otherwise you can find a lot of editing companies on Linkedin, Facebook or by using hashtags on Instagram. 

They are widely available in almost all corners of the World! You just have to go to the right places and post your editing descriptions briefly. 

You can also find the best editing companies by launching Ads on the social media platforms with google forms links. The google form link will take your prospects to the application form where you will be asking specific questions to figure out the best editors.

What to look for when hiring editing companies?

Know exactly what you are trying to sell and what type of editing it needs. Once you have figured that out, ask yourself what your ideal editor would be like, what their responsibility will be, how they should be delivering their services, what their background is, how experienced they are, etc.

Conversion prior to commencement of work

What to ask when hiring editing companies?

  • Start off with a proper job title. For example, Experienced product editor, long term product editor, etc.
  • Provide a proper job description. This includes all the small details of your work which are needed for the editors to know before working with you. Talk about job responsibilities and duties here.
  • Ask your potential editors to rate their own editing skills, working experiences and knowledge out of a certain number. You will find these options in google forms easily.
  • Ask how much pay they are expecting. Research the market thoroughly, set your budget, sit back and let your prospects talk about their expecting pay rate. If it satisfies your budget you can work with them or depending on them meeting the other criterias assess your editors.
  • Set up a meeting with your photo editing company. Once you have assessed the best of the best editors or editing companies from your data, notify them for a meeting with them. 
  • Ask your editing companies what editing softwares they use, how their working system looks like and what are their best SEO practices. This will  give you an overall idea of the editing team you are hiring.

Qualifications of the editor or eCommerce photo editing company.

It is not important for your editing team or single editor to have a degree in medicine, law or doctorate. All they need is proper knowledge for all the editing tools that they will be using for their editing, how each tool is used, when they are used. Also, knowing the basics of photography can be a bonus too. If they have some basic knowledge about photography then they will also be able to help you with the photoshoot.

Verify whether or not your editor knows the top 5 skills of photography which are cropping and rule of thirds, rotating, applying adjustment layers, correcting color saturation and sharpening the photos.

If you are selling on E Commerce websites or basically online and you do not have time for the editing of the photos, you will really need a professional photo editing company or an editor. Follow these tips and processes for hiring the best editor for yourself.

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